Introduction to the enterprise
      Fujian quanzhou hengtong digital co., LTD. Is engaged in security products、Hardware and integrated system of research and development、Production、Sales and service of professional firms,For many years dedicated to digital security products、The network technology popularization and application。Throughout the year“Eternal technology,Fine criterion,An unyielding,Mr Holder……[Read the full article]
Customer service center
  • The service hotline:400-999-6636  0595-65306636
  • Technical hotline:0595-22207000
  • The company by fax:0595-22206603-299
  • Address:Quanzhou city in fujian province WenLingNa road new town mansion2-701

HT-HDVS/RSeries hybrid network hard disk video recorder,Hengtong is digital independent research and development of high performance、High definition、High cost performance、High reliability of a new generation of network hard disk video recorder。It includes a analog audio and video input interface can access network through the network camera digital audio and video signals... [To read more]